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February 2017 Update

Dear players and fans,

today in new update we would like to present the implementation of special dragons’s weapons.

Use „Full Check“ to be sure your client will working well.

In this update are server fixes and optimalizations, some of them are described below:

+ Fixed switching Olympiad arenas in the view mode
+ Fixed disconnection in Olympiad mode, the charm immediately disappears from the battle
+ The mechanism of holding the charm in the game is improved
+ Hold mode in the game at the Olympiad removes the „old“ character at the entrance
+ Fixed Group Selection
+ Added information about blocked instances for the character when searching for a party and in a party
+ Fixed instance loading
+ Fixed the update of objects and party when you enter
+ Fixed the state of attack from the skill
+ Added traffic activity for the client
+ Fixed: removing (alt + click) custom buff with another visual skill
+ Fixed AI’s last attack when cleaning the agro-player
+ Restructuring of loading and spawning

+ Fixed resists calculation
+ Fixed jumping skills and effects
+ Fixed searching point when moving around the target

… and much more

Dark Dragon Team

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