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25 dubna, 2021 at 8:14 am

Don’t forget add exception to your firewall or antivirus ( for game .exe files) !


Dark Dragon Lineage 2 – High Five v3 – PTS opened

25 dubna, 2021 at 7:21 am

Welcome to the world of Lineage II on server Dark Dragon.
Our server is for fans of the Lineage II – High Five CT 2.6 Chronicle.

Vážení a milý hráči,
přípravy na spuštění našeho Lineage II serveru přidávají na tempu
a tak bychom Vám jej rádi krátce představili.

Nyní otevíráme veřejný test server, tzv. PTS, kde jde především o shromažďování dat, pro účely dalšího ladění a vývoje.

základní parametry jsou:
Herní prostředí – platforma Dark Dragon v3
základní rate 3x pro účely open PTS
Offline Trade
speciální systém výpomoci – denní mise
stálé PvP eventy ( x denně, pokaždé jiný )
Speciální Olympiad system
centrální tržiště bychom rádi měli Aden + Giran
Rim Kamaloka + speciální lokace
Hellbound, všechny Pailaky a lokace
Vitality, Party, Mail a Item Mail/Aukce system
Speciální Time Points systém (PC Bang dříve)

to není zdaleka vše … ale to si necháme až pro live server 🙂

Prosíme, veškeré problémy pište na náš Discord portál:
Dark Dragon Community: –> chat #dev-h5-bug-reports

Velice Vám děkujeme za účast a pomoc nám.

Dark Dragon team

Dear players, preparations for launching our Lineage 2 server add to the pace and so we would like to introduce it to you briefly.

We are now opening a public test server, the so-called PTS, which is mainly about data collection, for the purposes of further debugging and development.

the basic parameters are:
Game environment – Dark Dragon v3 platform
base rate 3x for open PTS purposes
Offline Trade
special assistance system – daily missions
permanent PvP events (x daily, always different)
central market we would like to have Aden + Giran
Special Olympiad system
Rim Kamaloka + special locations
Hellbound, all Pailaks and locations
Vitality, Party, Mail and Item Mail / Auction system
Special Time Points System (PC Bang formerly)

that’s not all … but we’ll keep it for the live server 🙂

Please write all problems on our Discord portal:
Dark Dragon Community: –> chat #dev-h5-bug-reports

Thank you very much for your participation with us.

Dark Dragon team

Dark Dragon News

3 dubna, 2021 at 1:07 am

Do you like Lineage II and especially chronicle High Five?

In preparation for the new server, we are looking for testers who will help us.

If you are interested in learning more, do not hesitate to contact us by

e-mail or our Discord app.




Thanks and stay tuned.

Tejakar Oroka

Upgrade to Game engine 2.0

7 května, 2018 at 7:15 pm
Dear friends, today we have upgraded the game engine to version 2.0
Selected players receive a personal invitation for testing.
Thank you for your favour



Stay Tuned




January 2017 Update

2 února, 2017 at 12:10 am

Today we would like to present a few changes and news.


  • vote reward change – now you receive 10 DCoins for each vote-site




  • Added event engine – CTF, TvT, DM, GvG, Last Hero and Mini Siege / daily every 2-4 hours, reward DCoins, Time Points / registration point on Fantasy Isle or by using our Community Board





several minor game changes and fixes ( client, quests, skills )

Saving Santa Christmas event

25 prosince, 2016 at 6:15 pm

Saving Santa Christmas event:

  • buy Saving Santa Hat from White Bearded Santa
  • find and win battle with a Thomas D. Turkey
    • Thomas D. Turkey you can find on 3 places
    • ( near Schuttgart, on Dwarven land – Eastern Mining zone or somewhere of Ice Merchant Cabin )


  • Put the cap and you can start the game rock, paper, scissors.


  • when you win, you have a saved Santa !


Go hunting monsters, and if you’re lucky, Santa appears and passes those very interesting gift.


We wish you a Merry Christmas and great gifts!

Update 29.11.2016

29 listopadu, 2016 at 8:08 pm

Today we prepared a quite larger package of fixes and improvements.

  • Minor 7S quests fixes
  • Sealed Box ( 4 Sepulcher ) – reward increased to rates (3x)
  • Skills fixes:
    • Pole attack
    • Meteor, Star fall
    • Sweeper Festival
    • Armor Golem
    • and much more…..
  • In Community Board (alt+b)/Configuration  – you can set on/off skill chances in chat
  • Geo Engine improvements
  • Core fixes and optimalizations
  • Minor fix of GBs
  • Castle Siege guards fix
  • Vitamin manager support improvements
  • Zone fixes

and more …

Do not forget use our special functionalities … Community Board, In-game shop, Party Matching, Mail etc.

Update 08/09/2016

8 září, 2016 at 9:11 pm

Autoloot for all items – allowed (alt +b -> configuration)
Fixed issue when using potions in pet’s invertory
Spoil rates increased

and some improvements

Enjoy and stay tuned!