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Update & News Dark Dragon Lienage 2 High Five server

October 2, 2022 at 10:15 am

Update 01.10.2022

> cancelling the restoration of items dropped on the ground, including coins, after a server restart

> adding Life Stone lvl 70 exchange for Life Stone for Jewels

> game security update – first part

> significant reduction in power consumption / CPU load of the server

> Retail like mass res inside siege zones

> fixed bug with some skills which not block debuffs properly

> from now, you can see conquerable halls in world info (map/info/clan halls)

Heavy Medal Event on Dark Dragon server

August 27, 2022 at 9:00 am

Please meet …

cats Roy and Winnie have lost their medals all over the wide world and are offering great prices for finding them.

Heavy Medal Event on Dark Dragon Lineage 2 server

Winnie collects gold coins and in exchange allows you to reach better rewards.

Roy will trade you bronze medals for bargain items, liquors and special crystals.

You have time to search and collect medals until 29.10.2022, when it will be replaced by another, equally interesting event.

I wish you good luck and great fun on our great server.

700x120 autofarm

Wlexider now offers even more fun

August 27, 2022 at 8:00 am

Added more head accessories – fun comic and desgin ones, plus 2 interesting rings.

You can also buy the same items in our In-game shop.

Items from the previous event are still for sale in our In-game Shop.

Enjoy them …

Service & Update Dark Dragon Lineage 2 High Five server

August 20, 2022 at 9:00 am

Game Update 20/08/2022

Dnešní Update obsahoval mimo jiné i toto:

– po kontrole oficiálních zdrojů, jsme se rozhodli pro nastavení rozdílu level hráč vs. jeho pet, na maximálně 19 level pro získání drop/xp/sp. Jedná se o stejnou podmínku, jako limit pro ovládání petů.

– přidání skillu Turn Undead mezi attack skills pro použití v Automated Hunting

– oprava Mana Regeneration buf, vs. Dragon Soul, nyní možno používat oba současně

– úprava kontroly výběru targetu při Automated Hunting – problém s flagováním postavy

– nastavení limitu pro Atak.Speed/Cast.Speed na 1500, resp. 1999

– povolení itemu Blessed Scroll of Resurrection for Pets, pro prodej a výměnu

Děkujeme všem a přejeme příjemné hraní na našem skvělém serveru.

Today’s Update included, among other things, the following:

– after checking the official sources, we decided to set the level difference between player vs. his pet to a maximum of level 19 to get drop/xp/sp. This is the same condition as the pet control limit.

– adding Turn Undead skill to attack skills for use in Automated Hunting

– fix Mana Regeneration buff, vs. Dragon Soul, now both can be used at the same time

– modification of target selection check in Automated Hunting – problem with character flagging

– setting the limit for Atak.Speed/Cast.Speed to 1500 and 1999 respectively

– permission for the item Blessed Scroll of Resurrection for Pets, for sale and exchange

Thank you all and have a great time playing on our great server.