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How to connect

1) Download Game


  • Installer (MEGA): link
  • Installed Game (MEGA): link
  • Installed Game (Mirror 2): part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4


(Game Folder)

2) Download Updater




3) Extract / Move Updater to Game Folder


4) Create Game Account




5) Run Updater

  • run Updater “”
  • click on “full check”
  • select the language of your language for game client (EN, DE or CZ)
  • click on “START” and enjoy the Game !


1) 2) 3)
updater_1_1-thumb-png-3e3c79c3a4b3b3aff13eafad2ed312f3 updater_1_2-png-307c0ae4ffa7dfcccbb0fcce3b41bbb2 updater_1_3-thumb-png-b69d0ca45453f07fd46e24e4e56b34ab




Q: Can’t connect ?

A: Try add exception to firewall/antivirus for .exe files! (Dark Dragon Updater and l2.exe)

Q: Can’t run game ?

A: Repeat step number 5!

Q: Can’t login ?

A: Try login via account manager at website, check Q: Can’t connect ?

If you are using Windows 8 and higher, then try to set “l2.exe” to Windows 7 compatibility mode.