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Dark Dragon Lineage 2 – High Five CT2.6

The concept is based as a long-running, emulating the official server in the High Five era. We offer players a very high quality PvP engine, a great concentration on supporting characters, clan activities, blacksmithing and last but not least our own very high quality events.

So what have we prepared? Now in a little more detail:

  • XP/SP basic, adapted for long-term concept
  • drop amount and chance basic
    • DCoins are part of the drop
  • spoil 2x
  • Raid drop amount basic
  • Raid drop chance 2x
  • Party xp/sp bonus +20%
  • Manor drop 4x
  • Karma – specially modified for High Five and Dark Dragon concept
  • Quest drop +50%
  • Quest reward xp/sp +30%
  • Quest reward Adena +30%
  • Vitality – drop/gain specially modified for High Five and Dark Dragon concept, lvl 4 = 300%
  • the total maximum bonus of XP/SP is 500%
  • Nevit blessing system 100% work
  • Player loss of items after a kill chance 1% (for PK players more)

  • The number of simultaneously connected characters from 1 computer is limited to 10. However, you cannot have multiple characters online at the same time from one game account.

  • Enchant chance ~ 65-68% / safe value +4, max value +16
    • players can join our Enchant Lab (more info on our Discord, thread #enchant-laboratory)

  • Mana regeneration +50%
  • weight limit +100%
  • Subclass without quest
    • 3 subclasses (level 40 – 80)
  • penalty grade – NO
    • you can wear any weapons and armour without penalty
  • augment from D grade weapons, jewels
    • you can use our own Life stones from level 26
  • Sell/Buy augmented weapons, jewels, RB jewels
  • High Five Raid Boss Weapons
  • Spirit Ore, Soul Ore weight 0
  • Shots weight 0
  • buffs duration – 20 min
  • buffs amount – 26
  • dance / song duration 5 min
  • dance / song amount – 16
  • Masterwork from Top A („Interlude“) grade above
  • Teleport (Gatekeepers) – free of charge

Transfers, subclass:

  • all 3 transfers can be made in 2 ways
    • completing all tasks and getting rewards and bonuses
    • or simply click on the question mark after reaching the desired level and select the subsequent profession. However, this option is without any reward or bonus.
    • short transfer (Giran – Daeger) was excluded
  • to activate a subclass, just go to the right teacher and he’ll give you a choice
    • There is no need to go through a long task. However, it is possible.
    • or you can use our useful and wise 4-all book

Community Board and features:

  • Auto Farming engine for free
    • for char level 20 and 1st occupation and above
  • Unique In-game Drop calculator
    • you can also use shift+click on the monster to display the drop and spoil
  • Auction market
  • Raid Boss list including teleport function
  • Ranking engine
  • Event engine
  • Friends, Clan, Region – new design engines
  • vote reward
    • use the .vote command to go to the interface to get your reward if everything is OK


  • Automatic event engines will offer PvP events several times a day for large groups of players
  • The mini event engine give the possibility to a smaller number of participants non-stop
  • fishing competition
  • competition in manufacturing
  • all competitions are tracked and recorded. The best participants will be rewarded every hour with valuable prizes.
  • collecting the valuable coins spread around the world by Wlexider
    • Blue Eva, Bloody Pa’agrio, Silver Shilen, Gold Einhasad
  • Our great, custom events like Frozen Treasures, Alchemist Surprise
  • Last but not least, you can look forward to classic events such as letters, pumpkins or melons, Halloween, Santa and Love

Other features:

  • Unique self-buff skills system for all characters
    • each character can learn special skills that can be used as their own buffs
  • Premium services +30% drop, xp/sp, Adena/DCoins +50%, extra Chat with command „-„
  • Unique solo Raid boss system
    • every 2-3 hours a special solo Raid bosses will spawn, with great rewards
  • in the in-game shop, you will find various auxiliary items, fun accessories and very useful potions
    • potions, enchants, bracelets, agathions, runes, helper tickets and more
  • Primeval Garden. A brand new location where you will be able to your fierce battles with fierce monsters from ancient times. For now, you can explore it by teleporting from Aden.
  • Super Manor system
    • all players in all countries are allowed to plant and harvest. Just buy seeds and a scythe at city sellers or just pick one up at Wlexider for your hunting grounds.
  • Unique Player Helper system
    • you can hire your own helper
  • My Missions engine
    • daily and total rewards for your and clan activity
    • Mantra and Rune, you can exchange them for valuable prizes at Wlexider
  • Settings for drop looting and more using the command .control
  • special Castle sieges System
  • fully functional conquerable clan halls
  • Territorial wars
  • Unique 4-all book for friendlier play
    • teleport, services, augment, warehouse, etc.
  • Offline trade
    • amount of traders no-limit
    • trading days limited
  • NO custom Weapons, Armors or jewels
  • In order to maintain clean running, the game and login server is scheduled to restart for 24 hours.
    • the game server restarts at 4.45 every morning.
    • items discarded or dropped on the ground are preserved after a server restart.

This server is created for entertainment purposes, not for profit.
Any income will be used solely to pay for the costs of operation and development.
20% of all proceeds will be sent to charity.